My current artistic practice is to bring awareness to childhood cancer through art. In a personal level, my life has been affected by cancer. I lost my mother, three aunts and my best cousin to cancer at a very young age. Growing up I always thought cancer affected only adults. However, I came to realize that childhood cancer is more common and around 250 children lose their life worldwide every day.

Cancer does not discriminate! Everyone regardless of their age, race and wealth could be affected. However, the funding for it is being discriminated. The funding for childhood cancer statistics is an evidence that there is not enough funds dedicated to this important matter. Children are our future and investing on their health should be the priority of any generation. Through my artwork I feel obligated to address such an important matter. Through my large -scale ceramic sculptures I capture not only their pain and suffering but also their hope for healthy future. By focusing on their facial expressions, I do hope the viewer feels compelled to take this matter seriously.